How Tiny Home Central Started?

Tiny Home Central (don’t be fooled by the name, these homes are quite roomy. I’ll explain in a moment) was born because our CEO Tony needed a new home office. He didn’t want to renovate, it was too much drama. So he got his trusted builders and planners to design a whole new office offsite and they built it for him and it was delivered ready to connect to site. No one complaining about noise through the process was a big tick.

He was so impressed with the team (and Tony isn’t easy to impress), Tiny Home Central was formed as there was a need in the market for functional, quality built modular living spaces. The team are now looking forward to creating a functional space for you and your loved ones. 

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We Deliver the Best

Explore our premium modular spaces tailored to fulfill all your additional residential and commercial needs.

Our steadfast dedication to excellence distinguishes us as we carefully design single-level residences that seamlessly harmonise with your compact environment, radiating sophistication, utility, and effectiveness. Harnessing the highest-quality materials available, our constructions encompass the following attributes:

- Constructed to meet exacting quality standards
- Fully insulated for ultimate year round comfort
- Engineered with a sturdy true core steel frame
- Customisable floor plans to align with your preferences
- Wired Solar-ready for integration of sustainable energy
- Supported by a substantial 7-year builder’s guarantee
- Backed by a committed team sensitive to your distinct requirements

The advantages are boundless; connect with us to unlock the complete range of benefits.

Our Mission

Tiny Home Central is driven by a mission to transform the notion of living spaces.

Our focus lies in creating inventive, top-notch, and tailorable Tiny Homes that enable individuals to adopt a way of life characterised by increased functionality, sustainability, and ingenuity.

By fusing intelligent design, eco-conscious methodologies, and individualized resolutions, our goal is to furnish our clients with practical, effective, and visually pleasing living environments that cater to their distinct necessities and ambitions.

Through our unwavering commitment to distinction, sustainability, and client contentment, we aim to redefine how people inhabit and encounter the world, one Tiny Home at a time.

Our Vision

Tiny Home Central aspires to take the lead in reshaping contemporary living with innovative and adaptable Tiny Home solutions.

Our vision encompasses a future where our considerately devised and masterfully constructed residences empower individuals to adopt a more ecologically sound and flexible way of life, nurturing a deeper affinity with their environment and a heightened sense of community.

By persistently pushing the limits of design, technology, and sustainability, our goal is to establish new benchmarks within the industry and spark a movement toward conscious living, seamlessly melding comfort, utility, and environmental consciousness.

Through our resolute commitment to ingenuity, excellence, and client contentment, we aim to shape a world where Tiny Homes stand as the embodiment of modern living – resourceful, alluring, and meaningful.

Our Partners

Our Customers love us

"I am delighted to have just taken delivery of my new Granny Flat, the first off the new production line at Tiny Home Central. I was guided through the ordering process for my custom design by the design team, who was my main point of contact throughout. The design team was sure to advise me as new options became available, in plenty of time to incorporate them into my build. My Granny flat was delivered to site complete with all bathroom fittings, kitchen, aircon, etc, and is just now waiting for connection to the septic to be ready to move into. I was very impressed with the attention-to-detail from Tony during and after the delivery process and his desire for everything to be just right.

A big thanks to the whole team for your efforts and great to have had you all involved with my build."

Jessica R.

"After looking and searching for a while, my wife and I bought a tiny home for our son from Tiny Home Central. Our family moved out of the city a while ago and he did not want to move too far away this time, so we decided to get a tiny home installed on our property. He loves living alone and the one bedroom tiny home is the perfect size for him. It is bigger than we thought and has everything he needs for living alone.

We are very happy with our decision and Tiny Home Central made the whole process very pleasant and quick."

Sarah G.

" The team at THC were interested and helpful throughout the entire buying process. They spent time with me during the pre-sales phase to explain options, colours and fittings. The depth of knowledge made it obvious they had done this before. Their town planner, architect and certifier made the council approval a breeze, so that was a major step taken care of.

We were kept informed every step of the build process and could see our home being built every step online.

The build quality is fantastic and we are thrilled with our new home. All the little inclusions like power outlets with USB are so handy and show attention to detail. "

Alex T.