Indigenous Support/Supply policy

1. Purpose:
The purpose of this policy is to outline Tiny Home Central’s approach to supporting and engaging with Indigenous communities, businesses, and individuals. It aims to foster respectful partnerships, support economic opportunities, and contribute to the reconciliation process in Australia.

2. Scope:
This policy applies to all areas of Tiny Home Central’s operations, including procurement, employment, community engagement, and project development.

3. Commitment to Indigenous Economic Participation:
Tiny Home Central commits to actively seeking opportunities to engage Indigenous suppliers in our supply chain. This includes procurement of goods and services from Indigenous-owned and operated businesses where feasible.

4. Employment and Training:

  • Recruitment: Tiny Home Central aims to increase Indigenous representation within our workforce. We will work towards creating employment opportunities for Indigenous people at all levels of our organization.
  • Training and Development: We commit to providing training and development programs for our Indigenous employees to support their career advancement within the company.

5. Community Engagement and Support:
Tiny Home Central recognizes the importance of engaging with Indigenous communities in a respectful and meaningful way. We commit to:

  • Consulting with Indigenous communities on projects that affect their lands and lives.
  • Supporting community initiatives and programs that aim to improve health, education, and economic outcomes for Indigenous peoples.

6. Cultural Competency:

  • Awareness Training: All employees will undergo cultural awareness training to ensure a respectful and informed workplace that values Indigenous cultures and histories.
  • Cultural Leave: We will recognize and respect cultural obligations of Indigenous employees by providing access to cultural leave for significant cultural practices and obligations.

7. Partnerships and Collaborations:
Tiny Home Central seeks to establish and maintain partnerships with Indigenous businesses and communities. These partnerships will focus on mutual benefits, respect for Indigenous knowledge and practices, and the achievement of sustainable outcomes.

8. Monitoring and Reporting:
We will monitor our performance in relation to this policy and report annually on our progress. This will include reporting on our engagement with Indigenous suppliers, employment of Indigenous people, and support for Indigenous community initiatives.

9. Policy Review:
This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant and effective in meeting its objectives. Feedback from Indigenous communities, employees, and partners will be sought as part of the review process.

10. Compliance and Accountability:
Compliance with this policy is the responsibility of all Tiny Home Central employees. The policy will be supported by specific action plans and targets, and performance against these targets will be included in annual reporting.