Smart Design Hacks for Your Tiny House Bathroom

Tiny houses present a unique opportunity to live efficiently and sustainably without sacrificing comfort. One of the most critical spaces in a tiny home is the bathroom, where smart design can maximise functionality and comfort. In this article, we’ll explore how to get the most out of your tiny house bathroom by focusing on modular home toilets, showers, and mirrors.

1. Modular Home Toilets: Efficiency and Convenience

Composting Toilets

Composting toilets are a popular choice for tiny homes due to their eco-friendliness and water-saving benefits. These toilets break down waste into compost, which can be safely used in gardens. They are easy to install, require minimal maintenance, and eliminate the need for complex plumbing systems. Popular models include Nature’s Head and Separett Villa, known for their reliability and efficiency.

Incinerating Toilets

For those who prefer a waste-free solution, incinerating toilets are an excellent option. These toilets burn waste into sterile ash, significantly reducing the need for waste storage and disposal. Brands like Incinolet offer various models suitable for tiny homes, ensuring a clean and odour-free bathroom experience.

Compact Flush Toilets

If you prefer a traditional flush toilet, consider compact models designed for small spaces. These toilets use less water per flush and are designed to fit into tight spaces without compromising comfort. Look for models like the Saniflo Sanicompact, which combines a toilet and macerator in one unit for easy installation and maintenance.

2. Showers: Space-Saving and Stylish

Corner Showers

Corner showers are a fantastic way to save space in your tiny house bathroom. These showers fit neatly into a corner, freeing up valuable floor space. Opt for a curved or neo-angle design to maximize the shower area without overwhelming the room. Pair your corner shower with a sliding door or curtain to enhance accessibility.

Wet Baths

Wet baths are a practical solution for tiny homes, combining the shower and toilet area into one waterproof space. This design is especially useful in ultra-compact bathrooms, where every inch counts. Install a handheld showerhead and waterproof fixtures to create a versatile and easy-to-clean bathroom.

3. Mirrors: Creating the Illusion of Space

Large Mirrors

Incorporating large mirrors into your tiny house bathroom can create the illusion of a larger space. A well-placed mirror reflects light and makes the room feel more open and airy. Consider installing a mirror that spans the length of your vanity or an entire wall to maximize this effect.

Medicine Cabinet Mirrors

Combining storage with a reflective surface, medicine cabinet mirrors are a practical addition to any tiny house bathroom. These cabinets provide essential storage for toiletries while also serving as a mirror, saving space and reducing clutter. Look for models with sleek, modern designs to complement your bathroom décor.

Frameless Mirrors

Frameless mirrors offer a minimalist and elegant look, making your tiny house bathroom appear more spacious. These mirrors blend seamlessly with the wall, enhancing the room’s aesthetic without adding visual bulk. Pair a frameless mirror with under-cabinet lighting for a chic, contemporary feel.


Designing a functional and stylish tiny house bathroom requires thoughtful planning and creative solutions. By choosing efficient modular home toilets, space-saving showers, and strategically placed mirrors, you can create a bathroom that maximises space without compromising on comfort or aesthetics. Embrace the challenge and transform your tiny house bathroom into a sanctuary of efficiency and style.