THC Advantage

Another GREAT advantage of using Tiny Home Central … remember when we said if you renovate you get all the mess, well your tiny home is all built offsite.

We deliver it to you ready to be hooked up to the grid for connection by an independent licensed plumber and electrician, all our homes are wired solar ready… so you can have your tiny home hooked up to a solar retailer or have an off-grid system fitted by a certified solar provider. 

Also, local councils love us, when you see what the finished result looks like, you will see why. The finished home looks just like a house and not a Donga like some container homes. And councils prefer to approve great plans that are stylish buildings.

We work closely with you and listen to all your suggestions, working together to overcome hurdles. Being forward thinkers and hungry to provide you with the best outcome. We pride ourselves on our in-person communication.

We want to get to know YOU and what you NEED from us. How else can we deliver your dream tiny home?

We won’t send a million emails or questionnaires to fill out before we talk to you.

We want to meet and get to know you so we can get the perfect fit for you.

If you aren’t local, we can Zoom. If you would rather email and forms we can do that too!

Advantages of a Tiny Home Central build:

  • Cost effective – Cheaper than most renovations or building a traditional home
  • We can customise to suit NDIS criteria – Giving you the flexibility to access assistance
  • Environmentally friendly –Tiny homes leave a smaller eco-footprint and we use materials to support this
  • Customisable – You get to choose what you do and don’t want in your Tiny Home
  • Low maintenance – Less room equals less up keep
  • Flexibility – Once the Millennial moves out, it can be used as a granny flat or rental property
  • Close to nature – These can be built anywhere and can be totally off-grid which gives you plenty of options to be near nature
  • 100% off-grid capabilities – Solar ready, all are wired for solar and 240v, ready for a licensed solar specialist to hook you up to the sun’s power. Options available are compostable toilets, water, and waste
  • Widest on the market– most container homes and homes on wheels at either 2.4 or 2.6 metres, we make our homes 3 meters wide for more liveability
  • Delivered site ready– No construction happens on your site, keep the peace and quiet at your home while waiting for your modular home to arrive, and move in on the day of delivery.
  • We understand transport requirements – Designed for simple and safe relocation with multiple travel points for ease of transportation and relocation.
  • Mobility – Tiny Homes can be moved if you sell your primary residence
  • Is delivery included –Unfortunately, we don’t own trucks to transport the Tiny Homes, so pricing for delivery is on a case-by-case basis, considering the location and unique position of each block along with access, we can assist you in sourcing the best delivery option for quotation purposes.